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Making a Non-Deductible Stock Gift to the Sierra Club 

*IMPORTANT: To ensure the Sierra Club can identify and acknowledge your gift, we must receive the information below in advance of the stock transfer.

To make a gift of stock, please submit the form below before you or your broker transfer your shares to the Sierra Club's account at Charles Schwab & Co.

Please note that gifts to the Sierra Club are not deductible, and those gifts in excess of $16,000 (Annual Gift Tax Exclusion, 2018) may be subject to the unified federal gift and estate tax. For further information, contact your financial advisor.

Prefer to make a tax-deductible gift? Click here to make a donation through the Sierra Club Foundation.

Electronic transfer to:  
DTC 0164, Code 40  
Charles Schwab & Co
Telephone Number: 877-552-8211
Sierra Club account: #8769-0836
Questions? Please contact us at majorgifts@sierraclub.org